Mo (they / them) is a neurodiverse Oneida x French art-maker x visual storyteller who is currently based on Dish with One Spoon Territory (Tkaronto). They grew up on Anishinaabe aki, down river from Aamjiwnaang First Nation, where they have family ties.

Through their art practice (sewing, beading, painting murals, journaling), they aim to express and share stories about intergenerational healing, neurodiversity, identity, empowerment, and truth. They are inspired by stories, memory, community and growth, individually and collectively. Mo's aim is to address intergenerational healing in their family by trusting the creative process. The core of their work is about moving through the world with love and fierceness. Their art is their voice, their truth and an extension of who they are. Mo's hope is that their art reaches others in a way that inspires thoughts and feelings igniting questions, curiosity, reflection and self-love.

"It is through the freedom of the creative process that imagination and creativity are ignited, connections are restored, meaning is built, passions are discovered, visions are manifested, ideas are born, inspiration becomes contagious, strength is called upon, and all voices and stories are heard."


-Monique Aura Bedard (Mo), BFA, DTATI Candidate


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