I am inspired by storytelling and healing, individually and as a community. Currently, I combine painting, drawing, beadwork, textiles, image transfers, and collage to express my own personal stories. I aim to address intergenerational trauma with an emphasis on intergenerational healing to communicate experiences from the inside out. By unearthing my own stories, I am able to strengthen connections where the process creates awareness and understanding; this experience is ultimately part of the healing journey. 

I am continually focusing on a growing series of painted, drawn, and illustrated portraits that focus on empowerment, self-love, self-care, strengths, and gifts. My work places emphasis on individual truths, reclamation of our identity, sovereignty over our bodies and emotions, and the importance of love. People have the option to share a story, quote or poem alongside their portrait., Too often, other people decide what our stories are and I want my art to serve as a platform for people to reclaim their stories.

Address: Toronto, Ontario



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