Through their art practice (sewing, beading, painting murals, journalling), they aim to use art as a form of transformation and intergenerational healing, mental wellness, identity, empowerment, and authenticity. They are inspired by stories, memory, community and healing, individually and collectively. Aura aims to address intergenerational trauma in their own family with an emphasis on intergenerational healing to communicate experiences from the inside out. The core of their work is about living life from the heart and with a good mind. They also practice walking on the land with love and respect alongside all Nations and all relations which is at the core to living in a good way. The art is their voice, their truth and an extension of who they are. Aura's hope is that their art reaches others in a way that inspires thoughts and feelings igniting questions, curiosity, reflection and self-love.

Address: Tkaronto, Ontario



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